Our research focuses on the dynamics and control of mechanical systems. Specific topic areas include nonlinear and adaptive control of robot systems; robot actuators and sensors; mechanical design; and control systems design for high-performance robot control. We are pursuing research problems motivated by two application areas that share a common underlying analytical framework: (1) underwater robot vehicles and (2) robot manipulators. Our methodology is to address these fundamental enabling theoretical issues, and to experimentally validate the utility of theoretical results in actual working systems.

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Vehicle Navigation & Communication



An integrated interactive navigation program for remotely operated underwater vehicles and inhabited submersibles.

Vehicle Control

Dynamics and Control of Underwater Robotic Vehicles

Our research objective is to develop control algorithms to enable highly precise closed-loop maneuvering of underwater robotic vehicles.

Vehicle Dynamics & Modeling

Offline Parameter Estimation of Submerged Dynamical Systems

The goal is to develop new highly accurate dynamical plant models of submerged electro-mechanical systems.

Medical Robotics

Dynamics and Control of Robot Manipulators

The goal is to develop provably correct control algorithms for robot arms to enable dexterous tasks previously considered impractical or infeasible.

Human Machine Interaction

Impedance-Controlled Prosthetics

Our research in this area explores the possible advantages of user-modulated impedance in an upper-limb prosthesis.